MNRE Registration

MNRE Registration

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Division



Block 14, CGO Complex

Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Dated: 18.09.2015

Subject: Operational Guidelines for Channel Partners/ New Entrepreneurs.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is implementing a ‘Grid

Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programmer’s in the Country.

Operational Guidelines for Empaneled Channel Partners/Government Agencies and

New Entrepreneurs under ‘Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants

Programme’ are enclosed herewith.

The Channel Partners which have been empaneled by the Ministry under ‚Grid

Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programmers are requested to strictly

adhere to the guidelines for implementation of the Grid Connected Solar Rooftop



Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Division) Operational Guidelines for Channel Partners/Government Agencies and New Entrepreneurs under ‘Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme’ The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is implementing a ‘Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme’ in the Country. The Government of India has set a target of 40,000 MWp of Grid-Interactive Rooftop Solar PV Plants by 2022. These rooftop solar PV plants will be set up in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional sectors in the country ranging from 1 kWp to 500 kWp capacity. Such rooftop plants have become economically viable as they produce clean electricity from the solar energy at about Rs. 7.0 per kWh even without any subsidy.

2. The Channel Partners/Government Agencies and New Entrepreneurs will play an important role in implementation of grid connected rooftop systems in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors across the country. The Channel Partners may be involved by States Nodal Agencies/ Departments/ PSUs, Financial Institutions, Public Sector Banks and other implementing agencies.

3. The operational guidelines for the Channel Partners/Government Agencies and New Entrepreneurs under ‘Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme’ are as follows:

A.        Process for Empanelment

1.0        Who can become Channel Partner?

1.1         Renewable Energy Service Providing Companies (RESPCOs)

1.2         System Integrators

1.3         Manufacturers of major components of the Solar Plants

1.4         Project Developers 1.5 VENDORS/Suppliers of solar equipment’s

1.6 Reputed and relevant NGOs of national level

1.7 Govt. PSUs, Departments, Agencies, Technical Institutions

2. Eligibility conditions:

2.1 The Registered Company under the company act 1956/2013 or Reputed National level NGO working in the field of renewable energy and registered under society act 1860 or renewable energy related Industry registered with central / state government authority i.e. SIDC,DIC etc. It should not be blacklisted from their registration authority. Un-registered companies/organizations shall not be eligible.

2.2 They must have experience to carry out activities which are envisaged under the Programme.

2.3 The Channel Partner have certificate from a rating agency who are registered with RBI or SEBI in the country for technical and financial strength.

2.4 The Channel Partner must have audited account for last three years.

2.5 The company net worth must be positive. The assets and liabilities of the company must be clearly specified by rating agencies.

2.6 Reputed Govt. PSUs, Departments, Agencies, Technical Institutions could be exempted from the accreditation by rating agency on submission of their application with MNRE based on the criteria defined for this purpose. Eligibility condition for the New Entrepreneur

2.7 It should be a registered company under the Companies Act 1956/2013.

2.8 It should not be blacklisted from ministry of cooperate affair.

2.9 It must have Solar/power related experience.

2.10 The company must have Engineering background.

2.11 Company engaged in the manufacturing of any of solar related product or BOS component can be considered for the empanelment.

3. Application process

Any entity which fulfills the above criteria may approach rating agencies to get the rating. After getting rating the entities may forward the rating report with application in the prescribed format to register them as Channel Partner only online application through ‚SPIN software‛ on MNRE website will be entertained. The procedure for online application is given in Annexure I. The format of application (to be filled online only) is given in Annexure II. The Offline/Hard Copy of application will not be entertained.

3.1 Rating Agencies Reputed rating agencies in the country which may be specified by MNRE including those who registered with RBI and SEBI are eligible to rate the agencies. The following is the levels of rating :




























1 to 5 depicts the technical strength with 1 being the highest. A to E depicts the financial strength with A being the highest.

3.2 Period to Receive Applications

The online application may be submitted by the entities throughout the year.

B. Operational Guidelines/Conditions for Empaneled Channel Partners

 3.3 Tenure

The tenure of Channel Partner is initially for two years from the date of empanelment.

3.4 The Channel Partner will engage, develop and train at least 25 persons who will work for the development of solar roof-top market through sales, installations, service, marketing etc.

3.5 The Channel Partner will open office/ shops and service centers in the State where they have their registered office.

4.0 Service network

Since all systems installed by Channel Partners are with five years AMC the Channel Partners will open service centers/representative office in the area/state where the systems are installed. The Channel Partner must be in position to attend the complaint, if any, within 48 hrs.

5.0 Website

The Channel Partner will have their own interactive website. Details of all systems installed by Channel Partners will be updated regularly on website. MNRE shall provide SPIN link for placing on your website. Channel Partners have to have complaint redressal mechanism. This must be reflected in the Channel Partner’s Website.

6.0 Toll Free Number

 The Channel Partner will obtain a Toll Free number and display in their website and other publicity materials. They will also provide this number to MNRE and fill up in the SPIN Software in the website of MNRE.

7.0 Training

The Channel Partner will develop training capacities. MNRE will come with plan to train local persons to ensure service near the user. Channel Partners will have to implement the plan. They must also have a plan of their own. The details of trained manpower must be placed on Channel Partner’s Website.

8.0 Manpower

Channel Partners must have technical manpower on their payrolls. This will reflect in the rating reports given by the rating agencies.

9.0 Literature User’s Manual

The Channel Partner must have literature/user’s manual for installer and user. They will have brochure, pamphlets giving company information, company information, to whom complaint to be placed for service. These must be distributed to all users along with manuals of inverters and other information to the user

10.0 Publicity Plan

Channel Partner will prepare their publicity plan and implement it periodically. The publicity through brochure/pamphlets distribution, local electronic and print media will be carried out regularly.

11.0 Quality Standards

Channel Partners will strictly adhere to the quality standards and specifications for the equipment’s installed as specified by MNRE from time to time.

12.0 Data Entry in MNRE Website

MNRE has created SPIN Software on the website . Channel Partners will regularly maintain their database and update the entries on every 1 st and 15th date of every month.

13.0 Online Generation Data

The online generation data of the projects capacity from 10 kWp and above will be maintained in the website of Channel Partner. For the projects below 10 kWp capacity, the generation data in list mode indicating with periodic updating on 1st and 15th date of every month will be maintained.

14.0 Review and Performance Monitoring by MNRE

14.1 MNRE will regularly review the progress and performance of each Channel Partner periodically and conduct third party inspection/monitoring through designated agencies/consultants.

14.2 Channel Partner will enter the data on the above parameters in the SPIN Software of MNRE regularly.

C. Operational Guidelines for New Entrepreneur

1. The guideline for Channel Partners is also applicable for the New Entrepreneur except para. 3.1 , 3.4 ,7 which will be optional.

2. Young entrepreneurs will be preferred (Below the age of 35 years)

3. The selected entrepreneurs will be allowed to operate in the states with mutual agreement

4. Selected entrepreneurs will be reviewed and continuation will be based on the performance.

Disclaimer: The empanelment of the Channel Partner/New Entrepreneurs will be based on the information/documents submitted by the applicants. However, mere applying for the channel partner/new entrepreneurs does not give any legal right. The Ministry does not take any responsibility about their misconduct if any, closure or winding up of the company/society. This will be dealt as per applicable law of the State/UT





I, _________ (Name, authorized signatory on behalf of M/s _______________ (Company/SNA) being an applicant for Channel Partnership of Grid-Connected Roof-Top and Small Solar Power Plant Programme of the Govt. of India, MNRE, New Delhi, do hereby affirm and state as follows—

1. Verified on__ day ___ Year____, that the contents of the above mentioned self certification are true and correct to the best knowledge and belief and nothing material has been concealed.

2. I herewith agree to all terms and conditions as specified in the guidelines issued vide no 5/22/2013-14/RT dated 18.09.2015

3. I will feed the correct information in the SPIN software of MNRE for the projects installed with subsidy and without subsidy.

4. An online complaint redressed mechanism will be developed by the Channel Partner. All the complaint shall be attended within 48 hours of reporting.

5. Noncompliance of above shall lead to cancellation of channel partnership.

6. The products / services shall be in conformity to relevant IS/IEC standards/ MNRE specification.

7. Maintenance of the SPV systems shall be provided as per warranty terms.

8. I will not use the MNRE’s logo in any of my publication.

Authorized Signatory (Channel Partner/Others) Name:                                       Designation:               Place:                                Seal:


Annexure – I


             File No. 5/22/2013-14/RT                                                                                                  Ministry of New and Renewable Energy                                                                                          (Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Power Division)                                                                                *****                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Block 14, CGO Complex                                                                                                        Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003.                           

Dated: 16.09.2015

Subject: Applications for Empanelment of Channel Partners/ New Entrepreneurs/ Govt. Agencies- Online submission only

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is implementing a ‚Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Power Plants Programme‟ in the Country. Ministry had published the operational guidelines for the Channel Partners/ New Entrepreneurs vide no 5/22/2013-14/RT Dated 08.07.2015.

Now the process of application for empanelment has been made completely online. Interested eligible organizations may submit application online only as follows.

[A] Online Submission 

  • Go to the bottom of the home page of
  • Click on SPIN icon in the bottom of the website.
  • Further select Grid-connected Rooftop
  • Login with (Username: guest and Password = Guest@123)
  • From the menu select New Agency Registration
  • Read the help document
  • Click on Apply and fill application details

[B] Submission of application (Physical Copy) 

  • Print the following document on the letterhead of the company
  • Forwarding letter ii. Submitted form iii. Self-certification                                          
  • Send to the Ministry

2.                          Offline applications will not be entertained/ accepted.

3.                          Applications can be submitted anytime. However it will be considered once in a month due last week of month by a duly constituted committee and the approval will be granted online in the first week of next month.

Dr. Arun K Tripathi Sr.Director Grid Connected Rooftop Division Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Block-14, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110 003, India.

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